The Promise of AI

The Promise of AI

The promise of artificial intelligence is endless. Even Elon Musk is worried that it will take over the world. We’re pumped for AI and what it can do. But for now, its capabilities are fairly limited. A 2 year old child is well beyond most AI capabilities. Can you imagine trying to train a computer […]

September 14, 2017

Dave Kruse


Growth Services

Growth Services

I love the idea of combining software development with business and product development in business to business industries. We see many companies that need software development support but also need help with business development. Every company needs help with sales. Often the software and business development are closely connected. Business development helps define product development […]

March 15, 2017

Dave Kruse


Commercialize Your Idea

How to Commercialize a Software Idea

So you have an idea for a software product. Now what? In this post, I focus on the initial research around the technology and idea. In the next blog post I’ll talk more about the user experience, marketing, design/development and working with strategic partners. I often run into researchers who have a great idea and […]

November 11, 2016

Dave Kruse


Complete Product Team

A Complete Product Team

A product team for hire. That’s what a lot of consulting firms offer. This includes the project manager, quality analysts, software developers, software architect/analyst, designer and potentially the product manager. Often the client will provide the product manager. We’re working with some clients on this exact structure. It’s great. And the beauty of offshoring, besides […]

October 21, 2016

Dave Kruse



Using the Blockchain with Blockstack

A few months ago I interviewed Ryan Shea on my podcast, Flyover Labs, about his company Blockstack. Blockstack allows anyone to build applications on top of the blockchain using web technologies like javascript. It seems pretty slick. This post is to help formalize my thoughts around the blockchain, and how Blockstack could help. Blockstack seems […]

October 07, 2016

Dave Kruse





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