Web Application

In 2022 Aramsco (industrial equipment/supplies distributor) wanted to build and launch their own web/mobile product that would allow companies to manage their janitorial needs. It’s called Acuity Concepts.

6 Months
7 Distributed team members


Web Application

In 2019, AirDeck wanted to build a completely new innovative presentation product from scratch. This product started with a simple vision to make asynchronous meetings possible and more valuable.

3+ years
7 distributed team members


Web & Mobile App

In 2019, SeedLinked had a vision to create a organic plant seed platform that would help growers/breeders collect data and eventually buy seeds. From the first screen mockup, Augment has been Seedlinked's partner in making this vision a reality.

3+ Years
4 distributed team members

Husker Extra

iOS / Android app

This mid-size media client needed to build and launch the Husker Extra iOS/Android app within 3 months. This app serves the college athletic market with unique and fun content.

3 Months
7 distributed team members
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