We started Augment because we know how integral software (mobile apps, enterprise apps, webapps) is to companies. We provide a cost effective, yet pretty amazing solution so companies can rapidly iterate. We’re happy working on the mundane, which includes maintaining software platforms and fixing bugs. But we also love to work on the cutting edge. More and more, this includes an interdisciplinary vision, bringing in technology from disciplines like augmented/virtual reality, location intelligence, mobile apps and analytics. It’s at the intersection of technologies where next generation applications will be built. We want to build the future, while happily maintaining the past.

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Dave Kruse

CEO and co-Founder

Dave Kruse has started and worked with companies across many different industries including
technology (big data, predictive analytics, Internet of Things, security), medical devices, real estate and beverages. He likes connecting with and helping companies grow.

In his spare time, Dave likes to hang out with friends and family, read. And he cannot believe that we are on a large rock flying through outer space.

He started Augment with Sajan because many companies are always searching for quality software talent and solutions. The world is a large place with lots of underutilized talent. Augment can help companies tap into this talent.

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Sajan Thandaserry

CTO and co-Founder

Sajan is a technology professional with over 20 years of industry experience. As a consummate programmer, analyst and project manager he understands the software development life cycle and the challenges of designing, developing and rolling out a well written piece of software.

As a consultant he has helped clients refine their software development processes and has helped them identify, hire and retain technology professionals. In his current role as the co-Founder of Augment he has embraced the challenges of helping companies grow their development teams and build software products.

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