With Augment’s onshore/offshore software development model we deliver three services:

Application Development

We build innovative software applications. We work closely with you to take your vision and turn it into a finished software product. We take a lot of time to understand your vision. This is an essential piece to ensure the finished software application meets your expectations.

Types of software applications we build:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise applications
  • CMS (Wordpress, Magento, Drupal)
  • Ecommerce (Magento, Woocommerce)
  • Web applications
  • VR/AR

Offshore Staff Augmentation

We place one of our developers in India right in with your existing software development team. This developer would be a full time member of your team. The developer mirrors your software development environment and adheres to your standards and systems.

Augment carefully manages the offshore staff augmentation engagement from Madison, Wisconsin. Some clients want our technical managers to be a part of daily scrum calls. Other clients prefer to manage the offshore developer on their own.

If you are having trouble finding great developers at an affordable price, please get in touch with us.

Digital Innovation: VR/AR

Work with us to amaze your customers, figure out different ways to better manage your data or brainstorm new technologies to improve your business.

Digital innovation could be around augmented reality, virtual reality, location intelligence, new business models, intelligent mobile apps or rethinking how your software is designed. Between us and our partners we can deliver on all of these innovations.

Strategy & Process

Software design and development is an integral part of most businesses. Because of this, strategy and how the software will impact your business and goals is the first phase of our process.

  • Phase I: Understand. Ideation. Proposal.
  • Phase II: Deeper understanding. Create requirements. Design database and application.
  • Phase III: Start development. Daily scrums. Roll out defined deliverables every two weeks. Augment and client testing.
  • Launch

Why work with us?

Companies need to innovate and move fast. Software is often a key component to growth and new strategies. We can help.

Allow you to adapt and innovate faster

With our onshore/offshore software development model and innovation partners, we can help you develop new products and innovate faster.

Check out our podcast on business and innovation:

Our Communication and Process

We are in regular and honest communication with our clients. We do all of this from Madison, Wisconsin. This is essential to tackle simple or complex projects. Our team has been offshoring software projects for decades.

We have a process in place that works. Also, Sajan Thandaserry, co-Founder of Augment, is from Coimbatore India, the location of our other offshore software development office. Sajan lives and works in Madison, WI.




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