Virtual Reality Can Make Presentations Fun!

Being inside the product? An alligator as your guide? That sounds a lot more fun than a boring old sales presentation. You can do it with virtual reality!

This is another virtual reality post. As you can tell, I’m definitely interested in its potential. And it’s more fun than writing about data integration or writing a new mobile app. Both of those are vital too. And it’ll be interesting to see what happens with data integration between third parties and the blockchain. That’s another post.

This post is on instilling a sense of fun into virtual reality applications. I’m almost done with the book Ready Player One. It’s brilliant. It’s set in the near future around a virtual reality world called OASIS. I won’t go into the entire plot, but if you have any interest in virtual reality, it’s a fun and intriguing read.

That’s the thing with virtual reality. It could potentially be used to solve real world problems, but there will always be that sense of gaming, fun involved with it.

For example, let’s say a company manufacturers large sewer pipes. It’s tough to bring examples of large sewer pipes to a sales meeting. The sales reps could show pictures. Boring, and not really the same as seeing them in person. With virtual reality, they could create an application so that the client can see the sewer pipe from all angles. The sales rep could walk them through multiple installations. How does it fit? How is it installed? How is it manufactured (with virtual reality they could also easily show the manufacturing process)?

Now instead of a powerpoint, you get a fully immersive presentation in virtual reality. The only thing they can’t do is touch it. But they actually could if the sales rep brought in samples.
The virtual reality tour could also include how an installation would fit within the client’s project. They could see exactly how it’ll fit, the timeline and any potential issues.

So what about the fun? There is so much you could do during the virtual reality presentation to include fun. You could have the sewer pipes flood with water when you’re walking through them. Or you could have a little rat follow you along for the tour. Or maybe a Teenage Mutant Ninja alligator (copyright issues with Turtles) leads the tour.

Or instead of having cranes lower the sewer pipe in, you could have a WWE wrestler. Or instead of using a welding torch, you could use someone’s eyes to melt metal (like a certain superhero perhaps).

The tour needs to be a serious and accurate demonstration of the sewer pipe. But we’re all kids inside. Think about a demo at a trade show. Which sewer pipe demo will draw a larger crowd. One that is very straightforward with the typical powerpoint presentation or one that includes an alligator-led virtual reality tour?

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