Machine Learning for Software Development

Can we teach a software robot to build a simple data driven website using machine learning? That would be cool. This is an exploratory post. Most of our daily work is blocking and tackling, managing projects, writing code, writing user requirements, understanding a client’s strategy. It is fun to take a break and talk about […]

January 06, 2016

Dave Kruse


Analysis of a New Healthcare Software Product

At Augment, our main wheelhouse is software development, but another service we provide is helping people or companies get their technology into a real-life usable form. We love driving the process of getting from research to application. This post is on how we would approach taking an innovative health data analysis technology and turning it […]

December 12, 2015

Dave Kruse


Our Software Development Process: Gathering Requirements

This is the fourth in a series of posts on our project process. Check out our previous posts: The Ideation Phase, Gathering Basic Requirements for a Proposal, and The Proposal. We will continue with the music platform example used in this series. Although in this post we pull in examples from other applications. Maybe we […]

December 01, 2015

Dave Kruse


Augment Case Study: Software Product for K2M

Thanks to Bill Montei of K2M for his great contributions to this post. This post is about a project we are developing with K2M Insurance Management (“K2M”). They have been awesome to work with. We wanted to share how this project came together. K2M is a startup company that is revolutionizing how to manage captive […]

November 20, 2015

Dave Kruse


Our Software Development Process: The Proposal

This post, on our Proposal, is the third in a series on how we work with clients through our software development process. Check out our other two posts in the series: the first on Ideation and the second on Gathering Basic Requirements. In this post we will discuss what goes into our proposal. We are […]

November 13, 2015

Dave Kruse



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