The Beginning of a Software Engagement

Augment and starting up with new clients

The beginning of anything is exciting and full of nervous energy. It’s the same when we start working with a new software client. It’s the same when you meet a new friend. It’s the same when you hire a new colleague.

I’m nervous. That’s kind of my consistent state when we start working with a new client. We’ve probably started with over 50 clients since we started 5 years ago. But I still get nervous at the beginning of the engagement, probably for the first month.

Like any relationship, we have to establish trust. New clients don’t trust us yet. They shouldn’t. And the beginning of a new relationship around software development there are always things that come up at the beginning. We’re learning about each other. That takes time.

I know this, but I still get nervous. Luckily we hire good talent that takes care of things. That helps me sleep at night.

So if we’re lucky to start working together, maybe you’ll feel our collective nervous energy over at Augment.

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