Offshore Staff Augmentation

Offshore Staff Augmentation is where one or more of our developers in Coimbatore, India is dedicated to your team full time.

We carefully manage these staff augmentation projects from Madison, Wisconsin.

Our Development Process:

Our 100% Success Guaranteed Process

  • 1

    Figure out if your development team and environment are a good fit for Augment's developers in India.

    Each business is unique. We do not have one solution that fits all. Experience has taught us not all phases of the SDLC can be outsourced. Our on-site team of project managers, systems architects and business analysts listen to our customer’s specific needs. We customize your resource plan based on your needs and identify the areas that have the best chance of success.

  • 2

    Identify developers that would be a good match for your internal development processes.

    The resource plan is communicated to our HR team in India. The HR team identifies the best resources available. The resources are interviewed for best-fit by our onshore team in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Our Madison team can make recommendations for best practices and help implement these practices. Our on-site team finds that the best chance of success is when there are in-house standards for software development, organized documentation of the projects and a peer-review of all software written. Our on-site team can help develop any/all of these aspects.

    Onshore/offshore failures often result from a lack of development and communication processes. Offshore developers are most effective when the standards and expectations are clear. We help with this process from Madison.

  • 3

    Developers start working with your team (2 week free trial).

    First Week – Orientation
    • Identify projects and offshore developers
    • Kick-off meeting with onshore lead and offshore team
    • Setup development environment for offshore team
    • Provide project documentation
    • Provide offshore team with internal standards and procedures
    • Set up daily scrum meetings
    Second Week - Project Work
    • Assign tasks
    • Assign timelines
    • Evaluate and provide feedback to offshore team
    • Conduct daily scrum
    Third Week – More Project Work
    • Evaluate work of offshore developers
    • Continue with assigning bigger tasks/timeline assignments
    • Continue to evaluate work and timelines
    • Provide feedback to offshore team
    Fourth Week - Continue with Project Work
    • Based on feedback from onshore lead, assign developer to more projects and tasks
    • Continue with daily scrum or scale back to meet less often
  • 4


    Augment works closely with you to make sure development is going smoothly. We have a structured plan in place that includes the following people:

    Project manager in Madison, WI:

    A technical project manager is assigned to you. This person is often a part of the daily scrum, or can have a less involved role. It is up to you.

    Team lead in India:

    This is the person you communicate with. They speak English well and help manage your developers in India.

    Here are the roles for the team lead and project manager:

    Project Manager
    • Work in collaboration with client's Project Manager and Team Lead
    • Provide daily oversight, direction and guidance to the Augment offshore team
    • co-Facilitate project management team meetings with Client Team Lead
    • Escalate issues to client
    • Monitor the progress of the project
    • Oversee quality of project deliverables/milestones
    • Schedule and coordinate project meetings, as primary point of contact
    • Submit bi-weekly status reports
    • Request and manage developers
    • Oversee planning and completion of technical tasks, including testing and creation of target environments
    • Make sure technical issues are being resolved
    Team Lead
    • Work in collaboration with client's Team Lead
    • Provide daily oversight and management of offshore team
    • Provide input into weekly project status – high-level and detail
    • Manage specific tasks assigned to offshore team
    • Monitor the progress of the project tasks
    • Coordinate appropriate access to facilities and information, as needed
    • Train offshore team members on client's standards and tools
    • Review code of offshore team members


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