Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our work process, company and other aspects of working with Augment.

Why Augment for Staffing/Recruiting?

Our name is Augment. We focus on augmenting your team with wonderful talent. That is what we do.

We care about our clients and recruits. Both need to be happy and be a strong fit. If this does not happen, then we did not do our job.

At your office in Coimbatore, India, what type of security management systems do you have in place?

  • Risks are mitigated with the help of Usage Guidelines, Security Policies & Procedures, Backup Policies, Emergency Procedures, Regular Maintenance and System Audits.
  • We also have a physical security service in place to monitor and restrict access of unauthorized persons at the office entrance. All employees are provided with identity tags and only those in possession are allowed access inside.
  • In addition to physical restrictions, we have tight access control to computers, secure firewalls in place and also possess the latest anti-virus software.
  • Network restrictions are in place, whereby authorized personnel are only allowed access to relevant information. Dedicated 24×6 system administrators.
  • We have a system in place to reduce overall messaging volume and protect against spam, spy ware and other security threats
  • For integrity, testing of software code is performed before any system is implemented to ensure the data does not become corrupted and regular logging and log analysis is also performed to provide debugging and assistance with incident response.

How do you protect intellectual property? Do we own the IP? Yes.

  • Any improvements to the software or IP will be property of the client.
  • Augment will sign all necessary documents to ensure our clients will own the IP and software improvements.
  • All employees of Augment execute the non-disclosure and intellectual property agreement internally with us, which will prevent misuse of client proprietary information as well as end client proprietary information.

At your office in Coimbatore, India, what type of security infrastructure do you have in place?

  • We are located in a fully owned building
  • Over 120 staff members with exposure to international projects
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity with redundant lines
  • 100% Power Supply – UPS and Backup Generators available
  • Physical Security in place 24×7
  • Surveillance cameras at all vantage points to constantly ensure security of client information
  • Access Controls in place
  • Network restrictions to ensure that only the relevant personnel have access to client related information stored in File System, Source Control, Staging Servers, Production/Web Servers, Backup Server and Email
  • Firewall protection at all times for all incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Frequent system monitoring in place to ensure prevention of any untoward incidents
  • No access to USB ports, Pen Drives, Printers and External mails for the team so that client information and source code remains protected at all times

Do you have any case studies?

What if a developer doesn't work out?

We offer a free two week trial with a developer. If after the two weeks, you’re not happy, then we will refund your money for that developer. At this point, we hope your company is interested in making offshoring work, so we would then try another developer.

What type of company should try outsourced developers?

A company that wants to innovate faster and write more code. This includes new projects and also maintenance and fixing bugs.

How do you ensure quality is maintained?

We strive to make sure our offshore developers are high quality. We are constantly evaluating their quality and productivity.

What type of tasks are most appropriate to outsource?

This could include a variety of tasks including bug fixes, maintenance items, and new project tasks.

What are the potential cost savings or profit on a project?

For full time staff augmentation, our clients typically save $45,000 per developer hired. On project work, the cost savings are about 40%. For U.S. consulting rates, an India developer would cost 15-20% of a typical software developer billed out.

After our India developers start, what should we expect to happen in the first few weeks?

First Week – Orientation

  1. Identify Projects and resources
  2. Kick-off meeting with on-shore lead and offshore team
  3. Setup development environment for offshore team
  4. Provide Project documentation
  5. Provide offshore team with internal standards and procedures
  6. Setup Daily Scrum meetings

Second Week – Project Work Starts

  1. Assign Tasks (preferably bug fixes and simpler tasks)
  2. Assign Timelines for tasks
  3. Evaluate and provide Feedback to offshore team
  4. Conduct Daily Scrum

Third Week – More Project Work

  1. Evaluate work of offshore resources
  2. Continue with assigning bigger tasks/timeline assignments
  3. Continue to evaluate work and timelines
  4. Provide Feedback to offshore team

Fourth Week – Resources assigned to Projects

  1. Based on feedback from onshore lead fix resource to projects and assign tasks/timelines
  2. Continue with Daily scrum or scale back to meet less often

What's the process to make this happen?

We work with you to understand your business and development environment. This helps us to identify potential developers that will be a strong fit for your organization. With an understanding of your internal processes and culture, we then go and interview potential developers. We suggest starting with at least two software developers.
Then we develop a plan tailored to your company so the developers are integrated into your processes. The developers in India will adapt to your processes.
Then after the developers start, we work closely with you to manage the transition into using outsourced developers. We'll be very engaged early-on until your development team and management are comfortable and things are running smoothly. You will always have a Team Lead in India to work with. And from Madison, WI, we will always manage and be engaged with your company throughout the entire engagement.

How do I help my employees get over their fears and objections?

Our clients typically reach out to us because it is difficult to find great developers at an affordable rate. As our name implies we do not try to replace developers, we only augment your existing development team. We can help communicate this message.


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