Mobile Staff Augmentation

Augment provides Full Armor with mobile development, architecture and design. Augment works directly with Full Armor’s team on an agile basis.


Full Armor needed to accelerate their development efforts. They were having difficulty finding a quality Android developer for a decent salary. They decided to try one of Augment’s Android developers. Over time they added additional resources to the team: mobile architect, iOS developer and a Google Material Designer.

About the Client

Full Armor has developed a next generation platform for parents to monitor their kids’ behavior on their phones and computers. The presence of Full Armor’s software allows for awareness and conversations between parents and their kids.

From the Google Play Store:

HERO Parental Control is a smart app that connects parents to what their families are doing digitally. It gives parents the ability to see where their kids are, what apps they are using, and what they are doing online. HERO helps parents keep their children safe online.

Key Features:

Web Monitoring:

Want to know where your family is going on the web? Get notifications when a family member tries to access websites you don’t want them seeing. With our SHIELD app along with HERO you can decide what types of websites your family can see and which types they can’t.


With HERO know where your family members are at any time by looking at our Locate Family feature.


With HERO be proactive in knowing where your family members are. With our GeoFencing feature you can customize locations such as: home, school, work, etc. and get alerts when your family members arrive and leave these locations.


Full Armor brought on the following resources to augment their existing strong development team:

  • Android developer
  • iOS developer
  • Google Material Designer
  • Mobile architect

This team is tightly integrated with Full Armor’s existing team. This includes daily stand-up calls and two week sprints.

Native mobile apps were necessary to provide the control that Full Armor needed over the phone.

Technologies Supported

  • Xcode
  • Swift
  • iOS
  • Java
  • Android
  • Google material design
  • Node.js


It is an on-going project that we are honored to be a part of.


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