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Digital Innovation

Work with us to commercialize and enhance your technologies and products. We can help you think through new go to market strategies and build the necessary software.

We created, SuperSonic, to help people commercialize technologies. We can help with all facets of commercialization including software development.

If you’re curious how new technology could impact you, please get in touch. Please check out our weekly podcast Flyover Labs, on business and innovation in the Midwest and beyond.

Application Development

We build innovative software applications. We work closely with you to take your vision and turn it into a finished software product. We take a lot of time to understand your vision. This is an essential piece to ensure the finished software application meets your expectations.

Types of software applications we build:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise applications
  • CMS (Wordpress, Magento, Drupal)
  • Ecommerce (Magento, Woocommerce)
  • Web applications


We are matchmakers. We match IT talent with companies. It is fun. We can place contractors or help find full time employees.

Finding talent is never easy. Our team has decades of experience. We have learned that understanding company and talent requirements in detail is key.

It is a people business. We love meeting new talent and working with new companies. We try to make matchmaking an enjoyable process for everyone.

Strategy & Process

Software design and development is an integral part of most businesses. Because of this, strategy and how the software will impact your business and goals is the first phase of our process.

For projects or talent, we first understand your needs. By spending time upfront, we save time later on and are better able to execute your talent and project needs.

Why work with us?

Companies need to innovate and move fast. Software is often a key component to growth and new strategies. We can help.

Allow you to adapt and innovate faster

With our talent and software project solutions, and our innovation partners, we can help you develop new products and innovate faster.

Check out our podcast on business and innovation:

Our Communication and Process

We are in regular and honest communication with our clients. This is essential to tackle simple or complex projects and engagements. We do all of this from Madison, Wisconsin. This is essential to tackle simple or complex projects. Our team has been offshoring software projects for decades.

We have a process in place that works. Also, Sajan Thandaserry, co-Founder of Augment, is from Coimbatore India, the location of our other offshore software development office. Sajan lives and works in Madison, WI.


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