Virtual and Augmented Reality are Here

And it’s pretty awesome. Want to see what a condo will look like before it's built? Or how about a close up "walk around" of a product not yet produced? Maybe you want to know what it's like to jump off the Eiffel Tower. Anything is possible with VR/AR.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are changing how people experience the world. Here are a few ideas for you.

Residential Construction Project, Courtesy of Another Reality Studio
Commercial Construction Project, Courtesy of Another Reality Studio
Ecommerce Project, Courtesy of Another Reality Studio
Residential Construction Project, Courtesy of Another Reality Studio

Real Estate

Using virtual or augmented reality you can see inside a condo or apartment building before it's built. You can change the color of the walls, the flooring, move the furniture around, and change the fixtures.


Condo/apartment, office, industrial and retail development.

Equipment and Product Design

See how equipment looks as it's designed, before it's actually produced. Now when you're designing equipment or want to show it to a customer, you can walk around it, see and test it in its environment and really get a feel for what the product will be like after it's made.


Product and equipment design, large equipment at trade shows, onsite sales tool.


Your customers can shop like they're at the store from the comfort and convenience of home. Design a fully immersive, custom experience for your customers. Let them swipe through products, select what they like and don't like, and walk around your product.


The experience of buying products and equipment online can be enhanced with virtual or augmented reality.

Live Events

Attend an event without the cost of travel or inconvenience of travel time. Stream your live events using virtual reality. Feel like you're almost there. Get in on the action, maybe with a better seat than actually being there.


Concerts, sports, conferences.

Augmented Reality

Make the physical come alive digitally. For example, a customer/user can scan an image in a magazine and a graphic (like a cow coming out of the magazine) will appear on their phone.


Menus, magazines, billboards.


Another Reality Studio

Located in St. Louis, MO, Another Reality Studio is a small virtual reality studio that has built virtual reality applications around architecture, product visualization, Ecommerce, games and virtual meeting rooms.


Navtek is our offshoring partner, located in Mumbai, India. They have built a number of augmented and virtual reality applications. Their experience includes working with large banks and pharma companies.


Atmo is a premiere augmented reality firm located in Dubuque, Iowa. They have worked with companies in a number of industries to make paper and physical environments come alive digitally.




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