Application Development

Need help building an application?

We can help. Below is a list of application development services we offer.

Mobile app development

We have a team dedicated to building Android and iOS apps. Bring your mobile app ideas and vision and we will make them into reality. We can also offer suggestions to make your vision even more powerful.

We can help you better engage with your customers through your app or better empower your sales force with a custom app. Or maybe you want to integrate external data into your app. It is up to you what you want to build.

Dynamic CMS driven website development

We have extensive experience building CMS driven websites. The technologies we have experience with include Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and host of other CMS. We can develop an entire site from scratch or modify an existing one. We can also serve as part of your IT team supporting and making daily updates to your CMS websites.


We love working on eCommerce websites and applications. Maybe it is the money that flows through that makes us excited. We have a lot of experience with Magento and Woocommerce.

Web application development

We can help you develop complex web applications. A good example of this is our project with Megalodon (Read case study). This is a new insurance management platform that we built from the ground up. It is entirely web based.

UX/UI design

The user experience and user interface are critical components of most applications. Our UX/UI team will work to understand your vision, customers and workflow to create an intuitive and beautiful application.

Our Development Process:

Here's a summary of the process we use to develop a custom software project. Depending on the project and the client, the exact order of the steps might change. The development process is key. It creates consistency but also allows for creativity and new ideas that add value.

Phase I: Initial Meetings and Ideas for the Project

  • Ideation
  • Basic Requirements
  • Proposal

Phase II: Start the Project

We manage our projects using the agile development methodology. This allows us to address issues when they come up immediately. Two week sprints also allow our teams to be focused and reach for a common goal.

  • Understand, Gather and Document the Requirements
  • Bring on Development Team and Define Roles
  • Build Project Backlog and Sprints

Phase III: Development Begins

  • Kickoff Development
  • Monitor Progress via Daily Scrums and Code Review
  • Rollout Deliverables Identified in Sprints
  • Communicate Project Status to Stakeholders via Reports and Meetings
  • Launch




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