Helping you adapt & innovate faster

With our onshore/offshore software development model and innovation partners, we can help you develop new products and innovate faster


Virtual / Augmented Reality

VR and AR are here. VR will change how people play games, design buildings, equipment, and homes, buy stuff online, or experience a live concert.

VR’s time is here now. AR’s time will be coming soon and will take over VR for many applications. Business and entertainment will never be the same.

With our talented VR and AR technical partners, we can deliver your vision. And with our experience in VR/AR, analytics, and wearables, we can help you refine your idea to provide an amazing experience to your audience.

Offshore Staff Augmentation

We place one of our developers in India right in with your existing software development team. This developer would be a full time member of your team. The developer mirrors your software development environment and adheres to your standards and systems.

Augment carefully manages the offshore staff augmentation engagement from Madison, Wisconsin. Some clients want our technical managers to be a part of daily scrum calls. Other clients prefer to manage the offshore developer on their own.

If you are having trouble finding great developers at an affordable price, please get in touch with us.

Application Development

Need help building an application? We can help. Here is a list of application development services we offer.




Provider Flow


Neilson Marketing

Forward Health Group

Food Fight


Business Biology



Midwest Prototyping

Echo Design Group



Full Armor